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Microsoft Azure

Virtual machine pricing & product calculator redesign

Microsoft Azure supports the cloud infrastructure for 90% of Fortune 500 companies and growing. The product pricing pages are an essential piece of the growth strategy as Microsoft expands its offerings, introduces new pricing models and product types to snare new business. Rebuilding, organizing and implementing new interactions for the Azure pricing pages and product calculator was my focus as a designer on the Azure Communications team.


Product Designer II


Sketch, Framer, Invision



The challenge

A comprehensive UX audit revealed that users looking to build or convert cloud services were leaning heavily into the pricing and product calculator pages on the Azure marketing website. Key users were making models and estimates to build a case to either convert to or build their cloud infrastructure with Azure products.

At the time, there was no comprehensive interactive experience across the Azure web pages, and finding final prices for all of the individual products was a chore. How could we make this simpler for our users?

How could we make estimating the cost of Azure products more like shopping?

Final implementation

Working closely with the engineers — the high-definition page mockups I designed were translated into new components implemented into the existing site structure. Pricing columns and cards were entirely new for the platform, as was the addition of the '+ Add to estimate' button.

Calculator interaction

Implementing pricing cards were a bridge to re-envision the calculator as space where users could build and play with their estimates as if it were similar to a shopping cart. A new interaction was introduced to allow the user to cherry-pick items and immediately push them their calculator, giving our users an easily exportable repository of complex pricing calculations to further inform their cloud purchases.