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Google Clips

Google Clips is the little robot camera that could. Standing at about 3”x3”, this camera is changing how we think about personal AI. I am the interaction designer on a small experimental design team helping bring the Clips app to life on Android and on iOS. This project has stretched me into dimensions of my design career I’d never thought possible. I’m leaning into knowledge for physical design principles and combining everything I’ve ever absorbed about software design to help build a product that is a perfect roll up of all of my cross-discipline skills.

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Interaction Designer

Design Team

Gabe Clapper

Eva Snee

Aaron Donsbach


Sketch, Framer



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I can’t reveal too much about what I do for this team, but I can tell you I am having a TON of fun doing it. Every day I’m learning more about rapidly prototyping in Framer, and bringing a human touch to artifical intelligence as a product. Working in the AI and machine learning space is just as rewarding as it is challenging, and building a human-centered AI future is certainly a challenge.

On this project I’m lucky enough to be doing a little bit of everything from visual design to prototyping, as well as traditional UX and interaction work.

Working on a camera product has brought me into a very heavily researched market and one that is constantly evolving and changing. It’s been amazing to work on a product that captures people’s children’s first steps and thousands of smiles. I’m very excited to see where this project and learnings it’s will take me.