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StratusCore Platform

Stratuscore is a software as as service platform that helps move 3D content creation towards being a more collaborative and community driven experience. We are building a portal for VFX artists to find a network, collaborate on projects, and facilitate client relationships. Digital Escrow is the solution to the pain points of managing a typical client relationship in the context of a project. Digital escrow allows a user to create and work on a project while knowing that payment for the work is available and ready to be released on project completion.


Lead UX Designer & Front-End Developer


Sketch, Framer, Invision



User rediscovery

StratusCore's product needed definition. The personas were clear and well-documented, but their outward appearance wasn't matching up to who they were trying to speak to. I synced up with our head of marketing for a deep dive whiteboarding-session into who our user really is and how we can surface some of their personality in our products.

Brand color

In redesigning the platform, one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle was strategizing color. StratusCore's products sit in an ecosystem occupied by 3D rendering softwares, who's palettes are quite dark. There's a very specific reason for this. 3D artists and renderers generally sit in darker rooms, and usually set their tools to a darker theme to avoid eye-strain. This was an insight given by our incredible Artist Care team, who helped shaped the product while we tackled redesign.











Product illustration

StratusCore never had the opportunity to bring love to their product in the form of delightful user illustration, and the redesign was a great chance to infuse personality into the portal, especially for the Digital Escrow product.

Digital escrow, a better way to get paid

One of the major paint points of our dual personas is facilitating payment for creative work. Digital Escrow is a product that hopes to solve a few of these awkward scenarios. The Digital Escrow workflow is essentially a locked promise between two players with Stratuscore as the agent and facilitator of the agreement. No project is initalized without the guarantee and stowage of payment. This is empowering to both the buyer of the content and the artist. Either party is able to set up a project, declare the value, set deadlines, and describe deliverables. No payment is released until a buyer agrees a deliverable has been met, and no assets are released until a payment has been procured. It’s a seamless and confluent answer to the clunky experience of the exchange of work for pay.