Dropbox + Slack

Redesign of the Dropbox Slack integration to supercharge collaboration and provide a way for teams to stay more in-sync.
3 months
Product design
Integration design
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After a company reorg, this project faced some serious hurdles. The Dropbox Slack integration was languishing in a broken state, so my team had to refresh the brand, add new features, and attract new enterprise users. My main challenges as the design lead were getting everyone on the same page, working on interfaces outside of Dropbox, and ensuring the new features worked for a vast plethora of diverse team permission scenarios.


For this project to be considered a success, we needed to target and activate high-value enterprise users. Research has shown that if a Dropbox user had first signed up as a team member, they were more likely to remain Dropbox customers over a more extended period— meaning those users were the most vital to acquire in the first place. We had the keys to solve a core problem to entice these users— fix their fragmented, multi-tool workflows and save them time.


After the relaunch, with shiny new features and a refreshed brand, the Slack integration saw a 70% re-adoption rate with our dormant audience and averaged 700 new app connections weekly. The clickthrough engagement rate to connect a Dropbox account exceeded industry standards, reflecting high user interaction and interest.