Google Clips

Building the companion app for Google’s hands-free camera built with AI, enabling effortless capture of spontaneous moments.
3 months
Mobile app design
Interaction design
UX research
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Many Google Clips users were dissatisfied and desired more content from their cameras. Parents, especially, felt this acutely as they felt the camera wasn't capturing the key candid moments that matched their memories. The engineering team had improved the camera's AI model in a prior launch, but users still desired more control of its output.


Solve the "missing moments" problem by providing better coverage of experiences and increasing user satisfaction by creating a new content primitive — a timelapse artifact. Ironically, it was not an "intelligent" feature. Still, it could improve user confidence in the camera's functioning, provide more coverage for the perceived missing moments, and provide a delightful new artifact.


In user testing, 7/8 users interviewed indicated they wouldn't want to turn off this feature, a high signal that gave us the go-ahead to launch the feature to the general audience. Following the launch, users with the Timelapse feature enabled reported 16% higher content satisfaction than those without, and became the most-often-saved content type. This feature eventually influenced the implementation of the original Timelapse feature in the Pixel phone, which did not yet have one.